Mirror Your Real Life

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Real life personal references are the most important drivers of development of business, society, trust, but also entertainment and relationships.

I know someone, who knows someone, who can help me with … finding a business partner, a restaurant, help with personal development or even a partner.”

Commonly used services like Facebook, Snapchat, Linkedin, etc. don’t provide the quality expected from a real-life personal network. People realize that more and more, and hence withdraw from social media.

The digitalized world is more focused on virally than on quality.

JOIO|US Brings People Together, That Should Be Together


Just as real-life networks, our clients are encouraged to focus on quality and improvement of society, instead of piling up contacts and fake content. The goal is not to reach as many people as possible but to establish and maintain sustainable, trustful and dependable relationships – between users, between businesses, and between users and businesses.

Our B2C framework is a personal mobile and web service offering the following advantages:

  • Knowledgebase to share important, interesting or just useful information with close contacts and their confidants.
  • Maximum focus on privacy and confidence in the service. Base system protected under strong European data protection law
  • No advertisement or usage of personal data / the customer is not the product!
  • Make referrals to businesses and people inside and outside of network easy
  • Easy access to customers even for small and medium size companies
  • Can be integrated in your current mobile app, properly branded, or/and also running separately
  • Various options for add-ons to make use of user base or just the technology (single sign-on) as well as custom add-ons for special business areas.