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Let’s start with a sketch

Let us be a part of your creative process and design a solution together

Often a customer comes to us with a sketch of something they want. At JOIO-Sociallabs GmbH we love being a part of the creative process of designing the usability and the functionality of your solution together. From the sketch we design backend web solutions, apps for iOS, Windows and Android, graphic designs and even marketing materials.

Delivering affordable services over continents

Many employees are working together as a team since a long time, with a lot of experience with the issues of culture, time zones, communication and many more. It will not be your concern.

We will always find the right resource to do the job – with the responsible person sitting on your table, talking in your language.

 We deliver top quality services at a extremely competitive price.

Since 2015 we have picked up our customers needs and made it into our specialities. Our flexibility in expanding our resources and acquiring new technologies is our strength. Our work with companies in the Philippines, Norway, Sweden, India, Singapore and Austria is a testament to the power of the Internet as collaboration tool over continents.

We are a team of developers and managers with each own speciality from business processes, finance, databases to server solutions and apps. The whole solutions down to the individual bits and bytes.

Active Products

User Notification System

User Notification System

Build for IT departments or similar with a need to notify users and customers quickly Would you


Postos is a task management system designed for small and medium-sized enterprises. A lot of effort


Naomi is a flexible, high performance notification engine. It supports various notification
Electronic Guestbook

Electronic Guestbook

The Electronic Guestbook is intended to be used in office buildings and other establishment that

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