Build for IT departments or similar with a need to notify users and customers quickly

Would you like to solve one of these problems:

  • Users and customers are angry when they are not informed about issues ASAP
  • Responsible departments don’t have time to take care about notifications, as they are fixing issues with higher priority
  • Its difficult to find out which system is impacted – whom to notify? You don’t want to generate false alarms

Our Solution:

  • Separate system (independent of your serverfarm if needed), Locally deployed or cloud (SaaS)
  • Connection to Active Directory PLUS comfortable ExcelSheet import – as the rules for notifications need to be done by Business – they hate to play with web portals
  • Easy correlation between services, severity and resulting notification groups and text
  • It needs to be quick and easy in case of outages: 30 seconds max to evaluate and send notifications to the right user groups based on services
  • Notification via SMS, Email, Call and Skype Business
  • The missing bridge between engineers and business