User Notification System

Build for IT departments or similar with a need to notify users and customers quickly Would you like to solve one of these problems: Users and customers are angry when they are not informed about issues ASAP Responsible departments don’t have time to take care about notifications, as they are fixing issues with higher priority Its difficult to find out which system is impacted – whom to notify? You don’t want to generate false alarms Our Solution: Separate system (independent…

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Real life personal references are the most important drivers of development of business, society, trust, but also entertainment and relationships. “I know someone, who knows someone, who can help me with … finding a business partner, a restaurant, help with personal development or even a partner.”

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Postos is a task management system designed for small and medium-sized enterprises. A lot of effort was invested to ensure its ease of use and flexibility as those are the key factors for user acceptance. Postos provides process and task flow visualization and shows the most current data enabling fast and effective business decisions. The role based permission and project model can be adjusted to match business requirements on the fly. Postos can be easily integrated due to the usage…

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Naomi is a flexible, high performance notification engine. It supports various notification channels ranging from text messages to email and RSS. Naomi utilizes multiple providers using intelligent routing and adjusts depending on the priority and individual preferences. Its ease of use and flexibility helps users to perform their work with minimum effort and automate routine tasks. Naomi offers: Responsive and efficient communication processes and workflows aligned to business Complete traceability, established control and audit process to assure quality, accuracy and…

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POS Solutions

Mapos – Cash Register Solution

Mapos is a modern Point-of-sale system available in both mobile and stationary editions. The current version offers different modes of operation and is tailored to the needs of gastronomy, service providers, retail and to farm gate sellers.

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Electronic Guestbook

The Electronic Guestbook is intended to be used in office buildings and other establishment that receive visitors and need to have a messaging system to the person being visited. Visitors can easily register and select who they are going to visit. The host and the visitor will then get a customizable message on SMS and e-mail.

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